Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dinner (pizza/chicken enchiladas and wedges with salad) eaten and the children are busy packing their bags and dressing for the disco at 7:30pm.

Bacon rolls for breakfast then out for morning activities: gorge walking, mountain biking, skiing and abseiling.  Back in for lunch and ready for round 2: kayaking, more mountain biking and skiing.  It's raining but still so beautiful, we spotted the first lot of snow on the Cairngorms on our bike ride then sheltered in a wooden bothy and found a page in the visitor's book signed by last year's P7s and teacher who were there on 31/10/12!  We added a page for 2013!

Off to take some more photos!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

That's everyone into their beds after some fantastic entertainment at the talent show, lights are out, torches are turned off and it's all quiet (well almost)!

Fantastic cycling today!

Some more photos from today.  Indoor rock climbing and snowboarding.

A few photos we found from yesterday's hill amazing walk up Creag nan gall.